Who are we?


Name: Teona Dalakishvili
Age: 24
From: Tbilisi, Georgia
Organization: Creative Development Center
Occupation: Freelance youth worker/trainer. Mainly working on the topics of Conflict Management, Integration, Youth Empowerment and Cross Cultural Cooperation.

Name: David Mirvelashvili
Age: 23
From: Tbilisi, Geogia
Organization: Creative Development Center
Occupation: Executive director of CDC,  Freelance Photographer and Youth worker. Youth Peace Ambassador of Council of Europe.

Name: Josephine Kretschmer
Age: 27
From: Saarbrücken, Germany
Organization: Augenblick e.V.
Occupation: Vice-Presidente of the association Augenblick e.V., organization of the PhotoMarathon Nantes, Saarbrücken, Tbilisi.

Name: Niklas Heimer
Age: 25
From: Saarbrücken, Germany
Organization: Augenblick e.V.
Occupation: Freelance Trainer and Photographer, Studies of Environmental Business Administration.

Name: Jean-Félix Fayolle
Age: 30
From: Nantes, France
Organization: Kouakilariv’
Occupation: Photographer at Kouakilariv’, he mostly works with people in difficult suburbs in France, Mexico or Philippines. He also founded the photographers collective Iris Pictures with Jérémie Lusseau.

Name: Jérémie Lusseau
Age: 28
From: Nantes, France
Organization: Iris Pictures
Occupation: Photographer and project coordinator at Iris Pictures and volunteer at Kouakilariv’. He mostly works in Asian countries.


Name: Grand Ma
Age: 20
From: Nantes, France
Occupation: She is our car for the road trip through Europe. Renault Espace of 1994, she is called Grand Ma because of her big amount of kilometers already complete (she had 451 000 km leaving from Nantes). That’s why we have to be careful and nice with her if we want to complete this big trip of more than 10 000 km.


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