Way back to Germany and France

We drived from Mostar to Croatian border. When entering Croatia, we saw a sign “European Union”, which is quite new for people living in the country. We see same flags as in Mostar and we are out of the region with high Minarets. We stayed in small town, that belongs to Dalmatia, not far away from Zadar. This region had very close relations with Italy, Venice, both political, economic and cultural. It once belonged to Italy, and one can definitely feel Italian influence with people, architecture, economy…

As we heard very interesting stories about Trieste, we randomly decided to visit the city, that was divided between Yugoslvia and Italy until 1975. The city still has two ports, two railway stations, and you can still see remains of two religions: catholic and orthodox churches. The one of railway stations, as well as one of the ports seem to be abandoned, still remaining the Socialist symbolic.  In Trieste, we have also visited a concentration camp, where thousands of Slovenians, Croats, Bosniacs and other supporters of communist party or intellectuals were tortured.

From Trieste we made long way to Austria through Alps. Our idea was to randomly knock at a farmer’s house and ask them to let us put our tent in their yard. We found small village on our way, and decided to stop there. After checking two houses, we found only a kid who was home alone and we asked him if we could stay in the village and sleep in the car. After getting used to Balkan hospitality, we could not imagine what would happen to us: in few minutes family came, blocked our car and did not let us leave the village, until police came and checked all our documents and our car. We had to answer all questions and open all our bags, till they realized we were no criminals. After telling a bit about our project, guys offered us to show camping place, camping administrator asked us to pay for sleeping in our car on his territory. Well, definitely we said no and found another place.

After this night full of adventures we have arrived to Bodensee: International lake divided by three countries: Switzerland, Austria and Germany. And here we go with preparations for our first presentation in Saarbrucken on the 3rd. On our way back to France, we stoped near Verdun in memorials of the world wars. The french people of Nantes will be able to see a projection on the 13th of september presented by the georgian and french teams.




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