Divided city – Mostar

We heard lots of stories about divided city of Mostar, located not far from the Croatian border with Bosnia. The city is  perfect example of polarizations, that occur in the country. There is an old bridge in the town, which divides the small town in two different societies. One is Catholic, while another one is Muslim. When entering the city, you see a big Cross on the top of the hill, and then you know which part of the town is presenting which side. On the other side of the river, you see Mosques, and flags that are representing Muslim entity, while on the catholic side you see Croatian national symbolic. However, it seems that churches are copying the design of minarets, and it looks like a game: which is highest and more visible from outside? Well, this is our view, but the architecture definitely says a lot about the division between two societies. It I a paradox, there is no wall, but a bridge in this city, but during the war, this was a bridge that was destroyed and people could not communicate anymore, well they did not have a will to communicate and did not really identify themselves with each other. As mentioned in the post before, religion in this country is a label which creates walls and barriers between people.

Another interesting thing we have notices in the town is war tourism: instead of dramatizing the war, people make money out of it: you see lots of souvenirs symbolizing the war, conflict, such a bullet pans, and other souvenirs made from the parts of different weapons. The bridge, that was once destroyed, hosts lots of visitors, and city became just another touristic attraction, we wonder, how much tourists can se the story behind the souvenirs they buy and bring back home, or if they have real understanding of what those weapons meant for the city some time ago.



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