After long trip from Montenegro, we reached Sarajevo in the evening, desperately searching for the hostel we got to know that We could be hosted by Amazing family of alumni of our partner organization, MitOst,, by Elma. We should admit to be very lucky, as we always have a chance to meet amazing people on amazing places.
After spending evening with our host, we planned our next days in Sarajevo.

walking through the city, you see big contrast of religion, culture, people, appearance… and you see that almost all houses still have scares of the war. You can still see which walls were hit by bullets. After going through old streets, we met friend of Elma, Edwin, who is a journalist and author of one of the books about the war in Bosnia. Edwin is human rights activist, as a witness of the war he tells us many stories. As we got to know, human cruelty was very much exposed in this city, in remembrance of the fact, that this should not happen again Edwin is organizing different activities with other activists from Montenegro, Croatia and Serbia.
Not everybody is open to talk about war crimes, however, there are many organizations in all countries, who are opening this discussions in their societies, openly demanding recognition of those crimes.

As we learn, Bosnia is still a country with divisions: 3 official presidents, 3 official languages, and different flags: this is now the reality of country. mainly people are labelled by religion, as all people speak same language, but different dialect.

There are recognized 3 main nations: Croats, Serbs and Bosnians, but there are many other minorities, they can never run for presidency, which is another problem. it means that jews, Roma or other nations are having less rights than others.

There is another problem, that usually unites those 3 nations, which have a lot to argue about in other cases: LGBT. They see this community as a common enemy, although sometimes they consider themselves as each others enemies, they can cooperate in struggling against the common enemy.

After realizing how interesting this city is, and how much we still have to hear, we stay one more day, and decide to drive on 28 of August to Mostar, divided city.


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