Not far from Europe

We have crossed another border to leave EU for some time and go to Turkish villages that are allocated near the border. After some time we entered a small town called Uzuhkopru. Walking around, taking some pictures, we have experienced culture quite different from where we have been before. After walking in the city, we accidentally came across a ceremony, which was a bit strange for us. We met lots of people celebrating event near the bus station. It looked like a good bye evening for the guy, who was driving around town with his friends on motorcycles. Lots of people of different ages have been standing around the bus, going to Eastern part of Turkey. The guy with the flag, who looked like a main hero of the evening, joined other passengers of the bus. Before the bus left the station, friends and relatives have fulfilled one last ritual: singing national anthem to the beloved person who was leaving. After the bus crossed the bridge and left town, we found out that the ceremony was  farewell for a young man going to army. As it turns out going to army is a very important thing for young men. Some employers would not hire persons who did not go to serve at the army. Even saying loudly anything against the army service is believed to be betrayal and even prohibited by the law. Therefore, going to army for young man is a very honorable moment on one hand, but it is also very difficult for parents and relatives to let their children to leave their houses, as they are starting new independent life. And although some people would prefer to cancel mandatory military service, most of them would not protest it loudly.

We spent few hours in the town, and after making some friends we left for crossing another border: We went to Greece.




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