Our first destination in Albania was Durres, a seaside city full of tourists and people with diverse background. We have heard may languages, but mostly Italian. as we found it out, many Albanians move to Italy, therefore, many of them can speak good Italian. We were welcomed by our local contact, who also told us that sometimes it is really dangerous to stay out after 9-10 PM, and that local mafia is actually very powerful. however, we put our tents not far from Durres to spend night before driving to Northern Albania before entering Kosovo.

We almost reached the border control, but saw a village which we decided to visit, just to take couple of pictures, but our stay turned out to be much longer: Locals invited us to have a tea with them, which was followed by tasting homemade Rakya, prepared by oldest representative of the family. We met lots of children: Grandpa has 9 children, and many grandchildren. every summer they unite, although each of them is living in different towns and even countries: one of the daughters is livng in Greece, nevertheless they visit parents every summer, and then village becomes very noisy and relieved. As we had to live to go to Prizren, in Kosovo, where we have been invited to Dokufest, we were asked to come back next day.

Even though we had different plans, we could not resist not to take the invitation, we woke up very early to visit the family for few hours and come back o Prizren. Children took us to observe how Rakya is made, and afterwards we went hiking. Despite the fact we wanted to go back to Dokufest, we joined family for a dinner and in the end we felt so connected to this people, it was impossible for us to leave, so we spent another night in Albania, discussing local traditions, political situations, telling stores and enjoying gorgeous view.

“Albanians are hated everywhere”, this sentence we have heard from different members of family. most of children want to go abroad, as they see better future in other countries, especially in Europe. People of Albania like Kosovo, we have also hard from Kosovian friend, that people are the same, that they are Albanians. Grandpa tells us stories of political past of Albania, many of his friends are now politicians, but they are not in touch anymore. When we tak about Kosovo, we hear from him, that very soon Kosovo will be unified with Albania, which will be another political step of newly formed state.

The morning is rainy, and we have to come back to Kosovo, and go to Montenegro, however, we all hope we will come back to visit our new friends one day.



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