On August 13th we have crossed the border of Romania heading to Bulgarian border town Ruse. After entering the city we directly went to meet representatives of Europe Direct. The office is in the city center and mainly aims to inform citizens about EU. Unfortunately, in the office we got to know, that our appointment on the second day with the governor was canceled, as he was fired. Nevertheless, we had amazing experience in this town. While searching for a place to stay, we were invited by local journalist, Asia Pencheva, who offered us her place in exchange to our story. We spent an interesting evening discussing our project, our findings and specialties of living on the border side. For people from Ruse it is much easier to go to Bucharest, as this is much more near than the actual capital of Bulgaria – Sofia. So identity of inhabitants of Ruse is mixed sometimes.

On the contrary to amazing architecture, representatives of Europe Direct guided our team to explore abandoned places in Ruse and see other side of the city. The city center is much different from what you can see in few kilometers from the main square. Ruse seems to be very industrial, which also causes lots of ecological problems. On the both sides of Danube, 2 countries have to struggle with pollution of the river, which leads to negotiations between two countries on different levels.

Next day we drived  to Gurkovo, exploring more local villages on the way.This place is the twin village of Couffe, small village near Nantes. In Gurkovo we were welcomed by chief of firemen, Atanas, discussing the life in Gurkovo and rethinking our route: as we discovered, the border of Bulgaria with Greece and Turkey was very near, so we spontaneously decided to visit Turkish border villages.



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