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Entering European Union from Turkish side was a bit complicated. Greece border control does not really trust Georgian team members, and after seeing their passports decided to make more detailed check about their aims for entering Greece. There is a big Georgian community living in Greece, some of them illegally, so even with the Schengen Visa, our teamers were not that much welcomed. We needed to explain in detail the project, and tell the border police all the story about three city cooperation. After hearing the story of the project, sound and face of border guys has changed and they let us enter the eastern side of Greece.

We have been driving to Alexandropolis, you can still feel that the town is near the border, as many Turkish citizens come here for their vacation or just a weekend. When looking at the map we got to know, that region we were crossing was called Macedonia. This name is another reason for dispute for Greece with the republic of Macedonia: both countries are using the same name and both of them are sure that it is their and only their right to have this name. Because of this Republic of Macedonia was demanded to be called like this instead of just being Called Macedonia. It was very symbolic for us to have Macedonia as our next destination.



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