The Story behind ART Bridges

563579_10151898415766708_1190424716_nThe idea of organizing the project was born at the Nantes Creative Generations forum in 2013. 2 teams from Georgia presented their projects at the forum, among other participants from Europe. Workshops organized in frames of the forum were focusing  on the development of new project ideas. This is where the first idea to combine the topic about conflicts and using art, as forum theater and photography was born. The main word, on which project has been built was walls: How people create and built visible, as well as invisible walls between each other, and how this walls foster development of conflicts on different levels. Luckily, Jean-Félix and Jérémy of the association kouakilariv’ from Nantes decided to join the project idea, helping its development even more: Instead of organizing local photo workshops, the French side brought the idea to organize a photo tour around Europe, and explore regions, people, communities on the way from Nantes to Tbilisi.  As Nantes and Tbilisi, together with Saarbrucken are twin cities, the idea was even more widened, and Augenblick joined the project as well. The final project idea has been submitted to NCG award and luckily won the third price.   As the project idea was developing, more partners and supporters joined the team, therefore it became realistic to implement the project, which already starts the next days. The idea connected many people from many different places from Nantes to Saarbrucken and  Tbilisi. 6 photographers from all the 3 cities will start their trip from France, going through 14 countries, 8000 Kilometers and meet different communities, organizations, people, neighborhoods. We want to collect pictures, stories, people and bring those stories to wider communities in our cities. As a result, 3 exhibitions will be organized. Besides presenting the pictures, we plan to involve the audience in the discussions inspired by the pictures and stories we present on the exhibitions. As mentioned above, we would like to invite local communities to meet us and wider public to follow our journey via our blog. Since now, we will be updating our blog with new stories, pictures and simply the diaries of the trip, so stay connected, there is lots of things you should not miss! In case you are interested to meet us, do not hesitate to contact us.

We are open to new ideas, suggestions and just your feedback. Here is our tentative Plan, when interested write us on feedback form!

01/08 Saarbruecken – Mödlareuth, Germany History with the wall

03/08 Mödlareuth – Brno, Czech Republik 

05/08 Brno – Bratislava, Slovaquie

06/08 Bratislava – Budapest, Hungary 

07/08 Budapest – Cluj Napoca, Romania 

09/08 Cluj Napoca – Campulung, Romania 

10/08 Campulung – Bucarest

13/08 Bucarest – Ruse, Bulgaria

15/08 Ruse – Smolyan, Bulgaria 

17/08 Smolyan – Bitola, Macedonia 

19/08 Bitola – Durres, Albania 

21/08 Durres – Kosova, Kosovo 

23/08 Kosova – Crna Gora, Montenegro 

25/08 Crna Gora – Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina

29/08 Sarajevo – Zagreb, Croatia 

31/08 Zagreb – Bischofshofen, Austria 

01/09 Bischofshofen – Saarbrucken

03/09 Presentation in Saarbruck

04/09 Saarbruck – Nantes 

13/09 Presentation in Nantes


One thought on “The Story behind ART Bridges

  1. Dear art-bridge makers,

    great to hear about your initiative! As bridges usually cross water, sometimes troubled water!, we would like to point out to you a cross-european campaign where your input would be greatly appreciated:
    The big jump challenge seeks to promote water solidarity across Europe, and for the Big Jump 2015 we would be very happy, if you could bring in your ideas!

    With many greetings, the Big Jump Challenge Team


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